Board Members

David Katz

Santa Rosa, California

Mr. Katz is the President of the Board of Directors. He is the former California Director of Trout Unlimited, Executive Director of the Sonoma Land Trust, and is currently the President of David Katz & Associates. Over the last thirty-five years, Mr. Katz has been involved in program planning, development, and implementation with many successful nonprofit organizations. In February 2022, David was recognized with the Steward of Sustainable Agriculture Award from the Ecological Farming Association. Presently, he works as a consultant on management, strategic planning, and natural resources projects throughout California.

Juliette Bohn

Arcata, California

Juliette Bohn is the Vice President of the Board of Directors. Juliette is an independent consultant with over 15 yeas experience working in the field of clean energy, waste utilization, and community sustainability. One of her most formative experiences was working with a team of students and local experts to design and install a hybrid micro-hydro/solar power generation system to provide power for the SRA’s Rock Creek Ranch facilities. Juliette fell in love with river systems rafting the rivers of the west with her father as a child, and has been supporting SRA’s work for over a decade. Juliette holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Systems from Humboldt State University and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic.

Bradlee Welton

Richmond, California

Mr. Welton is the Treasurer of the Board of Directors. Mr. Welton is a former Federal Administrative Law Judge. Previously, he was in private practice based in Nevada City, served as Assistant Director of Save-the-Redwoods League, General Counsel of Friends of the River, Project Manager for the Trust for Public Land and attorney for a Legal Clinic in East Oakland. Mr. Welton has had a long history with the Smith River. He has been on the SRA Board of Directors for more than a decade and prior to that was actively involved in developing the campaign that led to the establishment of the Smith River National Recreation Area.

Jerry Davis

Corvallis, Oregon

Mr. Davis is the former Director of the Benton County (Oregon) Natural Areas & Parks Department where he served for more than two decades. Mr. Davis’ successful tenure with the Department included acquisition, development, and management programs for parks, natural and interpretative areas, boat landings, historic parks, and trails and boardwalks. His work for Benton County was particularly distinguished through the development of many partnerships involving human and capital resources with public and private land owners. Mr. Davis is also a former Corvallis City Councilor and President of the Willamette Kayak and Canoe Club. He has been visiting Del Norte County and the Smith River for more than forty years through recreation pursuits.

Michael Furniss

Arcata, California

Mr. Furniss is a forest hydrologist and soil scientist, recently retired from the research branch of the Forest Service. He teaches and consults on climate change regionally and internationally in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Israel. Mr. Furniss was the district hydrologist and soil scientist for the Smith River National Recreation Area – Gasquet Ranger District from 1980 until 1991. He is obsessed with effective communication, and employs new, old, and innovative media to help people to think, feel, and work together. He is also a member of Arcata’s Forest Management Advisory Committee which governs Arcata’s Community Forest.

Grant Werschkull

Crescent City, California

Grant was the founding Executive Director of the Smith River Alliance in 1980. He returned as Executive Director in 2000. He is an environmental consultant and former staff person to the California Nature Conservancy, Redwood National Park, and Bureau of Land Management Rogue River Program.