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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Smith River Alliance in Del Norte County! We work with local communities, conservation groups and government agencies to protect the spectacular forests, rivers and wildlife of the greater Smith River ecosystem in Northern California.

This work includes many opportunities to volunteer and help in a variety of ways. Cleanups along our sensitive coastal areas and clean flowing Smith River, Invasive plant removal along our state parks and national forests, annual fish count, as well as helping out at Rock Creek Ranch. 

Scroll down through the tabs to learn about the different opportunities to help volunteer with Smith River Alliance

Adopt-A-Beach Program

The Adopt-A-Beach Program is one of our newest programs in collaboration with the California Coastal Commission here in Del Norte County!

Similar to CalTrans Adopt-A-Highway program, community members decide which beach they want to cleanup, at the date and time of their choosing.Tens of thousands of volunteers help clean our coast every year through the California Coastal Commission’s Adopt-A-Beach Program and the largest volunteer event in North America, California Coastal Cleanup Day. Through these efforts, hundreds of thousands of tons have been removed from our ocean and waterways.

Volunteers and groups that Adopt-A-Beach get logistical support, cleanup supplies, on-site training and recognition by Smith River Alliance and the California Coastal Cleanup. Be a part of this State-wide effort in helping keep out ocean and waterways clean, protecting our local wildlife and environment.

To learn more, please go to Adopt-A-Beach Program or contact us at Info@smithriveralliance.org


Annual Fish Count

Smith River Alliance holds the annual fish count every year at Rock Creek Ranch. This 2-day event helps track the abundance of California’s healthiest population of Coastal Cutthroat trout. We will also be on the lookout for the rare summer steelhead and spring Chinook salmon, as well as suckers, rainbow trout, lamprey, and herpetofauna. Snorkeling within the canyon walls and clear blue waters of the Smith River, volunteers will experience wild fish in their native habitat.

Coastal and River Clean-Ups

Join Smith River Alliance help keep our coastal areas and Smith River clean of trash and debris. Volunteers help cleanup trash from daily visitors, illegally dumped trash and abandoned encampments on public lands.

We organize several cleanups every year throughout Del Norte, focusing on the California coast and various parts of the Smith River. Our early programming focused on cleaning up illegal dumping along the Smith River with students from Humboldt State University.

We are now leading and planning cleanups throughout the County of Del Norte working with our state and national partners, as well as local government. Our programming is funded through private donors, River Guardians Program and the WHALE TAIL Grant Program.

Invasive Plant Removal

Volunteers are always needed for removing noxious and invasive plants throughout the Smith River National Recreation Area. From areas along the Smith River to the banks of Rock Creek Ranch off of South Fork, we always need help with volunteers helping to manual remove and dispose of these plants.

Rock Creek Ranch

Come lend a hand at Rock Creek Ranch! Situated along the South Fork in the Smith River National Recreation Area, it is owned and managed by the Smith River Alliance.

A variety of volunteer opportunities from helping reduce fuels and brush, restoring campsites and building trails, as well as maintenance tasks like cleaning gutters and pulling weeds around the ranch.

Corporate Groups
Rock Creek Ranch can support large corporate groups that are interested in giving back through a variety of planned projects. Previous projects have included building trails, restoring previously built trails, small construction projects and building campsites.

More Ways to Help

There are additional ways to help other than what has been mentioned above!

Many volunteer events have volunteers that help support our programming. From helping get volunteers fed to volunteers helping with photography. Sign-up below and let us know what you want to do or any special skills that you have.

Volunteer with Smith River Alliance

Volunteer with Smith River Alliance

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