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Restoration Planning Reports

Smith River Alliance and Stillwater Sciences. 2021. Elk Creek Restoration Feasibility Study. Final Report. Prepared by Smith River Alliance and Stillwater Sciences for California State Coastal Conservancy and California Department of Fish and Wildlife. See Report Appendices. Part 1 of 2: Elk Creek Air Photos and Imagery (Appendix A and B); Part 2 of 2: Elk Appendices C through H.

Elk Creek Watershed Restoration Feasibility Study – Project Introduction

Smith River Plain Stream Restoration Plan, Del Norte County, California – September 2018

Fisheries Monitoring Reports

Smith River basin based on summer snorkel surveys:  Reports describe density of adult salmonids; see 2018 for a summary and comparison of 29 years of data 1982 – 2018. Download Volunteer Summer Fish Survey Results:
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Mill Creek Salmonid Lifecycle Monitoring Station Juvenile Coho Salmon Outmigrant Trapping Project 2014-2017, Smith River, California
December 2017

2011-2016 Salmonid Redd Abundance and Juvenile Salmonid Spatial Structure in the Smith River Basin, California and Oregon

Migration, Growth, and Survival of Juvenile Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) in Coast Redwood Forested Watersheds
September 2017

Winter Distributions, Movements, and Habitat use by Juvenile Salmonids throughout the Lower Smith River Basin and Estuary, Del Norte County, California
November 2016

Beaver Bank Lodge Use, Distribution and Influence on Salmonid Rearing Habitats in the Smith River, California
July 2016

Distribution of Juvenile Salmonids and Seasonally Available Aquatic Habitats within the Lower Smith River Basin and Estuary
August 2015

Reconnaissance of Salmonid Redd Abundance and Juvenile Salmonid Spatial Structure in the Smith River with Emphasis on Coho Salmon
Based on two years (2011-2013) of field surveys across the Smith basin. Made possible by The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Fisheries Restoration Grant program, and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries – April 12, 2014

Smith River National Recreation Area Level II Stream Surveys
Available upon request

Baldface Creek Wild and Scenic River Study

North Fork Smith Watershed, Level II Stream Surveys, Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest
Baldface Creek and tributaries   Taylor Creek     Horse Creek     Upper North Fork Smith

Mill Creek Fisheries Monitoring Program 2009 Final Report
January 13, 2010

North Fork of the Smith Watershed Analysis

Smith River Anadromous Fish Action Plan
March 2002 Smith River Advisory Council document

Mill Creek Road Removal

Airport/Visser Road Restoration Project Briefing Packet
A draft proposal to decommission roads and stream crossings in the Mill Creek watershed

SRNRA Documents

Smith River National Recreation Area Act

Six Rivers National Forest Inventoried Roadless Area
August 2017

In Focus: Hurdygurdy Creek Land Deal
June 6, 2009 Daily Triplicate article

The Pacific Salmon Stronghold Conservation Act of 2009
Legislation backgrounder March, 2010 update

Baldface Creek Eligibility Study 1994
Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Study

Conservation Strategy for Epilobium oreganum, Gentiana setigera, Hastingsia bracteosa var. bracteosa, H. bracteosa var. atropurpurea, and Viola primulifolia ssp. occidentalis in Serpentine Darlingtonia Wetlands of Southwest Oregon and Northwest California 


The Smith River: A Salmon Stronghold

Smith River Dual Frequency Identification Sonar (DIDSON) Pilot Study