North Fork Smith Overview

Rising in Curry County, Oregon and flowing across the state line into Del Norte County, California, the North Fork Smith River and all of its tributaries are pristine and in reference water quality condition because they remain undammed, undeveloped, and flow from and through the Kalmiopsis Wilderness and the South Kalmiopsis Roadless Area. Recognizing the stream’s outstandingly remarkable water quality and world-class fishery, Congress added the North Fork Smith River in Oregon to the National Wild and Scenic River system in 1988.

However, this remarkable watershed is now threatened by a nickel strip mine planned by a foreign-owned company that currently has a mineral exploration proposal before the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest for analysis. We are concerned that any mining development in the North Fork Smith River watershed would significantly degrade this National Wild and Scenic River’s extraordinary water quality.

Permanent Protection

The Smith River and its forests and wildlife are loved by everyone, and deserve permanent protection.

Secure Permanent Mining Ban

The 20 year  mineral withdrawal  approved in 2017, needs to be made permanent by passing SOWSPA!

Outstanding Resource Waters

The Oregon North Fork Smith watershed now designated as an Outstanding Resource Water.

North Fork Visitors

Check out recent trips in the watershed. This place is special and worth saving!

Protection for Instream Flows

The instream flows of the North Fork of the Smith River and its tributaries in Oregon are now protected!