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Elk Creek Overview

The Elk Creek watershed is a small coastal watershed that includes the Elk Creek Wetlands Wildlife Area, parts of Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park and the town of Crescent City, and a variety of private lands. Elk Creek is an urban stream and most of the watershed has been impacted by urban, residential, and industrial development. These activities have reduced habitat availability for salmonids and impact the natural hydrologic function of the basin. There are approximately 15 miles of anadromous streams in the Elk Creek basin, providing habitat for Coho, Cutthroat, Steelhead and Chinook Salmon.

The Elk Creek Restoration Feasibility Study, completed in 2021, identifies 30 potential multi-benefit restoration projects that could provide significant improvements for Elk Creek’s fish and wildlife habitat and water quality, while also promoting coastal resilience. Several of the fish passage improvement projects are already underway and SRA is working with community partners to advance high priority projects identified in the plan.


History of the Elk Creek Watershed, its importance, the pressures it faces and the need for a comprehensive restoration plan.


Download a variety of maps of the Elk Creek Watershed.

Fish & Restoration

Learn more about plans to protect and enhance anadromous fish habitat throughout the Elk Creek Watershed.


Download reports relating to conservation efforts in the Elk Creek Watershed.

Public Access

We are working to improve and restore the old interpretive trail.