Lake Earl History

The land around Lake Earl has been a conservation priority since 1975.

As of July 2008, 767 lots had been acquired by the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation Board for inclusion in the Lake Earl Wildlife Area. The Smith River Alliance, operated the program in cooperation with the State Coastal Conservancy and the Wildlife Conservation Board, completed an analysis of purchasing lots in the Pacific Shores subdivision from willing sellers. Pacific Shores is a 1,535-lot subdivision located next to Lake Earl and Lake Tolowa.

The Pacific Shores subdivision consists largely of sensitive dune and wetland habitat, which was subdivided in the 1960’s into approximately half-acre lots and sold to individual lot owners. However, because of the sensitive habitat, natural hazards, water quality concerns, and difficulty in siting development and infrastructure such as sewage and water systems, the Coastal Commission has not certified the subdivision, and it remains undeveloped.