Planned Giving

How Will You Be Remembered?

Making a Planned Gift is a wonderful way to make an enduring contribution to The Smith River Alliance. Your gift can safeguard the Smith River watershed while taking advantage of federal and state tax laws.

If you have already included The Smith River Alliance in your will or named SRA as a beneficiary of trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy or other planned gift, please let us know so we may recognize your commitment.

Gift planning is a great way to support SRA while making good use of favorable federal income, gift, and estate tax laws. Planning may reduce your annual income tax, capital gains taxes and or gift and estate tax.

Ways of giving

Include Smith River Alliance in your will. You may allocate a specific amount or percentage of your estate or other assets to SRA. You may state that after other beneficiaries have been provided for, the remaining funds shall go to SRA. Our federal tax ID number is 94-2650838. Read more.

Make a Life Insurance Gift. You can use your life insurance policy to simply bequeath a specific amount or percentage of your life insurance policy to SRA. See sample beneficiary language.

Make a Retirement Plan Gift. Identify Smith River Alliance as a beneficiary of your retirement plan. The gift is exempt from tax to qualified entities and will maximize the amount of your gift. See sample beneficiary language.

Establish a Charitable Remainder Trust or similar instrument. A Charitable Remainder Trust is a tax-exempt trust that pays income to your designee. When the trust terminates, the remaining assets will be paid to Smith River Alliance. For more information.

Make a Gift of Stock. Your gift of stock is exempt from capital gains tax and you can claim the full amount of your gift on your tax return. Smith River Alliance can work directly with your broker to facilitate your gift. See gift instructions.

For Trustees and AdvisorsSee Tax ID information.

For more information about Planned and Estate Giving

Please contact Patty McCleary at (916) 799-9352 .

Or submit this form to have a member of our staff contact you.

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