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Mill Creek Salmonid Lifecycle Monitoring Report

Originally posted March 15, 2018

Our latest report on Mill Creek Salmonid Lifecycle Monitoring (LCM) summarizes the data collected from the past four years of smolt outmigrant trapping at the Mill Creek LCM station. The report summarizes abundance estimates for Coho Salmon, steelhead, and Coastal Cutthroat Trout emigrants traveling from the gravels of their birth in the Mill Creek watershed to the Smith River.

One of the longest running smolt trapping programs in California (1994-2017), the report provides a summary of annual Coho Salmon smolt estimates throughout the program’s history.

We celebrate and thank Jolyon Walkley, John Deibner-Hanson, Justin Garwood and Marisa Parish Hanson for their efforts in putting together this account filled with statistics, graphs, tales of temporary capture and the data to back it up!

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Photo: Thomas Dunklin