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“Logger-Turned-Environmentalist” and Reflecting on the Life of Jim Rogers

Fans and supporters in Gold Beach Oregon welcome and appreciate Senator Wyden and Congresswoman Hoyle on July 29 for their work to protect the rivers of America’s Wild Rivers Coast.

The Elk River in southern Oregon is an important salmon stronghold.  The watershed includes 74 wild and scenic river miles and thanks largely to the efforts of Jim Rogers, the largest block of old growth forest in the Oregon Coast Range.

Del Norte County is part of rural bioregion rich with wild rivers and with a long history of Indigenous culture and stewardship.  Fortunately, many of our rivers are considered strongholds for salmon.  How people in these rural communities work together to steward and protect these rivers and watersheds is always interesting.  And there are often lessons to be learned and shared. 

Consider the life and work of forester, writer and environmentalist Jim Rogers who passed away in August at an age of 81.  His is a fascinating and inspiring life which had considerable focus on the wild and scenic Elk River, a beautiful coastal watershed of about 92 square miles near the town of Port Orford.

Follow this link to his obituary and follow this link to an Oregon Public Broadcasting Field Guide episode with Jim Rogers.  Enjoy!  And thank you Jim Rogers for your years of work to protect and steward the Elk River, a southern Oregon “salmon stronghold.”

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