The Pacific Shores Subdivision

The Pacific Shore Subdivision (PSS) has become a magnet for dumping household trash, construction waste and broken vehicles.

A recent visual reconnaissance surveys of the PSS have been conducted in 2019, 2020 and 2021 by Del Norte County and Stillwater Sciences. Inspectors use a combination of walking and driving to cover as much of the approximately 1,860-acre Subdivision (PSS), and vicinity, as is feasible. Site photographs are taken and results can be published.

The PSS is primarily undeveloped besides the road network. Although illegal refuse dumping is an ongoing environmental issue at PSS, the vast majority of parcels inspected contain no evidence of hazardous substances, including petroleum products. In general, parcels are free of debris and trash.  Most parcels where refuse dump sites have been observed during the site reconnaissance, the dump site contents was typical household trash that is unlikely to contain any significant hazardous materials.

Six refuse sites on parcels were observed to contain substantially larger piles and/or evidence of burned or wrecked camper trailers. Eleven parcels are currently occupied by residents with varying types of habitable structures (e.g., camper trailers, mobile homes, sheds, etc.) and amounts of other miscellaneous vehicles, debris, and refuse. These parcels were only evaluated from the road.

Learn more about the status of dumping in the Pacific Shores Subdivision by reading the following reports prepared by the Del Norte County Community Development Department.

2019 Annual Assessment Report Pacific Shores Subdivision (PDF) 

2020 Annual Assessment Report Pacific Shores Subdivision (PDF)

2022 Annual Assessment Report Pacific Shores Subdivision (PDF)

Here is a slideshow of some of the trash piles found in the Pacific Shores Subdivision.